Over the past couple of years, legitimate marketers with valuable messages have been dragged down by unscrupulous spammers who abuse email. Spam filters and the CAN-SPAM regulations are not working – so what next?

DestinationCRM believes the solution being proposed by the major Internet Service Providers may be the saviour of email marketing.

The Solution

“The puzzle solution requires all outbound email to undergo 10 seconds of intensive calculations to be stamped. Mailers are essentially paying for each email in terms of CPU cycles, not pennies, but the result is the same: a near-instant wiping out of spam, since spammers can afford to spend even 10 seconds of CPU time per email–the economics just don’t make sense for them.”

Why will this work?

“If this solution is successfully implemented by the major ISPs, the rest of the world will quickly comply, since virtually everyone sends at least some email to Yahoo, AOL, or MSN. In this way the puzzle solution approach to stopping spam could quickly become standard, and spam could vanish almost overnight.”

Ahh. A tale of good vs. evil. Lets hope the good prevail!

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