Amazon knows how to do it! Just look at the email below.

Dear Customer,

We are writing to you regarding your order for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6)”.

At, we are always looking for ways to bring value to our customers. We are, therefore, delighted to confirm that we have reduced the price of Harry Potter 6 to just 8.99 (47% off) and that all our customers, muggles and wizards alike, will benefit from this reduction.

Rest assured that the new lower price will be charged automatically when we dispatch your book, and the new price will be magically changed in Your Account. You will see the change in Your Account at the following address:

These changes may not be reflected immediately.

Please note that the book will not fit through a standard letter box, so keep an eye out for our delivery owls.

Thank you for shopping at, and stay alert for You-Know-Who.

Warmest regards,

Customer Service

This was sent to a friend of mine who had an advance order on a new Harry Potter book. Not only did they offer her a cheaper price then she originally agreed to pay, but the communication with her was fun and oh so clever. It’s too bad they used “dear customer” instead of her name.