Ever heard of Details Magazine? Yeh..
How about GQ? Of course..
Now what about “The Cool Hunter”? Probably not right?

Well, The Cool Hunter is a blog that covers the latest in styles and trends. It probably has a part-time staff of 1 dude and a annual budget of a few hundred bucks. But if you’ve got a great product you better start paying attention to guys like The Cool Hunter.

Here’s an example of why:

“The Cool Hunter” recently wrote about a fleece hoodie made by a small French company called Anticon. And as a result…

Anticon, the new French brand who we featured last week sent us a Hoodie as a gesture for all the press interest we generated for them. Seems media outlets from the NY Daily News to the Sunday Times (UK) China Times, FHM Germany, Vice magazine and numerous others had contacted them due to our posting.

Moral of the story. You might not be reading blogs like The Cool Hunter but lots of important people are. What’s your blogging PR strategy?