Robin Good looks at Internet-based telephone services like Skype:

VoIP tools like Skype give small businesses a market advantage against larger competitors by lowering operating costs and increasing productivity with voice calls, instant conference calling, group chat, file-transfer, free toll-free calling and the recently released Skype Toolbars, which let callers make one-click calls to phone numbers directly from within Windows Outlook and Internet Explorer.

I started switching to VOIP about a year back and I have few regrets. Using a combination of Vonage for my regular line and Skype for calls to contractors etc., I’ve cut my phone bill by 60%. I’ve also gained some handy features that I couldn’t get with my regular phone line. For example, when you leave me a voice mail it gets delivered to me via email as an mp3 file.

Have you considered Skype or another VOIP service for your business? If not, I encourage you to take a more serious look. A great way to start is internally with Skype. If you’ve got offices in a couple different cities, why not set-up Skype for inter-office calls? It’s free to download and free to call other Skype users. That would likely eliminate a good chunk of your long distance bill each month. And, who wouldn’t like to do that?

Once you get all set-up, Skype me.