I just had a fascinating conversation with a woman named Linda Samis, who started a company called Canaqua less than a year ago. Linda told me she’s never made a single sales call, yet today, her water is available at luxury stores across Europe and Asia.

How does this happen?

Linda says it all starts with a fantastic product. “We have been like the little fish in a big pond, but we are breaking through at an enormous clip. People around the world, recognize a great product when they see it.”

Yep. That’s true, it starts there. But…having a great product is simply the cost of entry in today’s market. That alone is not good enough. There’s no doubt that there a lot of factors at work in Canaqua’s success, but I’m betting the elegant design of her packaging is largely responsible for her traction.

Canaqua bottled water

It’s simple, it’s clean and it tells me a story about “living well” without even picking it up.

Wonderful design = wonderful word of mouth.
Steve Jobs gets that.
Linda Samis gets that.

What about you? Is your product so pretty that people will want to talk about it?

p.s. I almost forgot the best part of this story. Linda has also never hired a branding agency or conducted a focus group. Her son came up with the name and designed the logo and her daughter does all the photography.

p.p.s. I’m going to meet with Linda in a couple weeks to talk about how she can use the Internet to keep the buzz alive. I’m also very excited to try the water!