ACNielson says that one-tenth of the world’s population, or 627 million people, are shopping online. Even more amazing, of those, 325 million have shopped online in the last month.


Not surprisingly, Europe and North America have the highest incidence of online shoppers, with Germany, Austria and the UK topping the list, with at least 95 percent of Internet users having purchased online. Here’s what people are buying:

  • over 135 million people have purchased DVDs and/or video games;
  • close to 135 million made plane reservations;
  • over 128 million purchased articles of clothing/accessories/shoes;
  • over 112 million paid for music downloads and/or CDs;
  • over 106 million purchased electronic devices (including cameras, etc);
  • close to 98 million bought computer hardware; and
  • over 86 million consumers made hotel and/or tour bookings.