Our own Molly Crabapple does an interview with the creator of Charm School A very strange, very NWS ilustration site. It covers art, merchendising, and how to make a killing selling prints without really trying.

1. How much is it money-making, and how much is it self promo?
Right now, I am doing so much work on commission I have no time to just
do promo. I literally have to stave off paid work to do gallery work.
That is, at the current moment. Sometimes it’s dry as a bone and I
have to just do my own stuff to keep in practice!

2. If its money-making, what the best way to earn back your initial
investment in getting the stuff printed up?
Pre-sales. Pre-sell everything. Figure out what you’re gonna offer,
advertise it as a limited edition, and print up only what you sell.
You pretty much get money for free by doing that.

3. Or do you just license your images?
Licensing happens, and it’s a case by case basis depending on their
profit margin and intent.

4. How did you get written up in Skin Two?
I submitted work to them when they didn’t even have a website! Now
they have a full submission page on their site for artists, so send
your stuff through that! I actually RE-submitted some newer work and
only received cricket chirps in return…but that could be for whatever
reason, since I had Tony Mitchell specifically ask me to re-submit new
work. You know how shit goes.

5. How do you promote yourself?
Live Journal, it seems anymore! I do lots of link exchanges, finding
online galleries, toplists, that sorta gunk. It’s all online anymore,
as print costs too much up front!

6. What aveneues are most effective for erotic, pop-y,
illustrators/licensors/fine arteests such as ourselves?
Um, t-shirts! Lots of places want t-shirt designs. Galleries that
support erotic art are always looking for new work. Blue Ruin Gallery
in Pittsburgh is a good one to check out. I’m going to put an ad in
Juxtapoz Magazine as well (here where I just said I don’t do much
print!), but that’s more to just get my name out there amongst the
hipsters more.

7. How much press do you get? Do you ally yourself with other
businesses? How does the web help you.
I am always surprised when someone wants to do an article/interview. I
actually try submitting work to smaller mags, and I end up with
interviews! Weird, as I just want to try and find work through them!
Online mags as well. Go through my links, go to the mags I have listed
there, check out what their submission reqs are. I do ally myself with
groups or organisations like the Rat City Rollergirls or burlesque like
Glitzkrieg or shops that I do work for. It’s all about the company you
keep, seriously.

Bottom line: the web has made me.