The oh-so talented olive47 took a few minutes to answer some of our questions about the biz.

1. Do you have any advice for a newbie just breaking into the business?
a. Make sure that the art field is really where you want to be.. where you have to be, because there’s tons of competition and it can be hard on the soul.
b. Remember everyone’s opinion is subjective.

c. If you are working for someone else, do not attach
your ego to your work; lose any attitude you might have; it’s much easier that way when they ask you to adjust that shade of mauve for the 30th time.

2. Are you purely self taught or are you still paying off some student loans? (If yes, where did you go to school)
I went to art school in Savannah, Georgia; no loans to pay off though. I’ve been making art since I was really young, like 2-3 yrs old…I don’t ever remember not needing to make art of some sort.

3. What is your favorite medium?
Paint, though i love printmaking as well.

4. Care to give props to the best employer you have ever worked for?
I won’t mention the name, but the best design job I had was in a “new media” company in the late 90’s. The company itself was highly scandalous, but I met many wonderful people who I still keep in touch with.

5. Is there another living artist you admire?
Hard to narrow down, but mostly I admire more urban artists than people in the gallery scene. People who make art for no other reason but to get that image or idea out there. I do really like David Lynch’s artwork. Favorite dead artist is Paul Klee.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve in this biz?
Clients who are unorganized, yet expect you to be a mind reader.

7. Best marketing tip for other artists?
Marketing myself really isn’t a priority for me. I believe you should just do what you do and if you’re good, people notice.

8. If you weren’t an artist/illustrator what would you want to do?
I am pretty sure I couldn’t do anything else.

9. Which profession would you never want to try?
Human Resources

10. When is your most creative time of the day?
The morning.. that elusive 5 hours before I need a nap again.

11. Can you give us 5 words that best describe your style?
silly, organic, technological candy, highly ordered, voltron