There are a ton of talented illustrators to be found over at, today I came across an artist by the name of Sylvia Rostami. Sylvia Rostami, founder of Infinite Image, a commercial art company, is the inventor of the ultimate merger between art and the written word. Text Magic??? (patent pending) is a revolutionary new process where words warp to create an image. A picture forms when every single letter distorts to achieve the overall appearance of lightness or darkness.

Text Magic??? can be created from any kind of text or image. Rostami has made dazzling artworks from poetry, product descriptions, advertisements, biographies, employee names, etc. She has created an art form where pictures are literally speaking directly to the viewer, or to see it another way, words are the brushstrokes on her canvas.

The viewer has to be able to comfortably read the written word, while simultaneously seeing the overall image. The Text Magic??? effect is the latest innovation of Rostami, who has created numerous artworks for magazines, television commercials, installations around the world, and even the White House.