Dr. Sketchy

I worked as an artist’s model for several years during art school. There was nothing I hated more than the pretense of sterility they had in art classes. Because the people who run them are uncomfortable with nudity, we get personality-free models, sterile grey rooms, no talking, and (Picasso help us) no fun.

So, me and mod inspired illustrator A.V. Phibes are doing something about it.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School is our take on the traditional sketch class. Set in the swanky Lucky Cat Lounge we’ve got burlesque dancers modeling, ridiculous art contests, and all the sort of boozy fun you go to art school for.

You can find out more over here.

The first class in Saturday, December 10, 2-5 pm, with the glorious Dottie Lux doing some clown-burlesque inspired modeling