InfoWorld is reporting that, on the heels of Yahoo’s announcement to offer paid inclusion, Ask Jeeves has decided to drop one of their programs. The program, called Index Express, allowed companies to submit hard to index content to Ask Jeeves via XML (Extensible Markup Language) feeds.

That’s what Paul Gardi from Ask told InfoWorld:

“The technology behind Index Express never lived up to Ask Jeeves’ expectations, because it interfered with the relevance ranking of these Web sites as calculated by Ask Jeeves’ search algorithms.”

“The relevance coming out of Index Express wasn’t as good as we would have liked. Our number one priority is the relevance of our results. Index Express distorted relevance by improving the rankings of some Web sites and degrading those of others.”

The company will continue its ‘Site Submit’ paid-inclusion program which, for a flat fee, ensures a URL is included in Ask’s index and that the information is refreshed regularly.