It amazes me how quickly some companies move. In fact, I am envious of their constant innovation! One of those companies is Yahoo, who in the last two weeks, has released a new search engine, unvieled a paid search program and enhanced their RSS application to name a few.

Just when I think I’ve caught up with all of the news at Yahoo they strike again – this time announcing a “visual search” feature for Yahoo maps. The feature allows you to find things like movie theaters, hotels, and ATMs on a visual map. A great step forward in the race to provide more relevant, local results. That race of course offers great rewards at the finish line where a gigantic local advertising market is waiting to spend an estimated $20 to $100 billion.

Of course the results aren’t perfect – but I think Yahoo realizes something many of us don’t. That is – in today’s economy, you don’t have time to be perfect! Your only chance of survival is to move as fast as you can and hope things work. If it fails, move onto the next innovation and move even faster!