Getting Unstuck

oblique strategiesMany of you may be familar with Oblique Strategies, first published in 1975 by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. According to Wikipedia:

Oblique Strategies is a set of cards containing a phrase or cryptic remark which can be used to break a deadlock or dilemma situation. They can be used as a pack, or by drawing a single card from the shuffled pack when a dilemma occurs in a working situation.

Well now you can get unstuck using a Widget for Mac Tiger OS. Read more

Firefox Nearing 10% of Browsers

Just because you use Internet Explorer doesn’t mean your customers do. Does your website work with the Firefox web browser?

FireFox is approaching 10% market share

Idaho Murder Trial an Art Exhibit

A famous trial in Idaho is the subject of an exhibit at the Salt Lake Art Center. Even though the crime happened a hundred years ago, the artist feels the story has relevance today. A bombing, an assassination and all of the people who made the trial sensational–they tell the story of the ‘Idaho Project’.

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Aerosol Art Project

Thanks to UK-based workshops called Graffology, young people are getting an opportunity to demonstrate their art skills on dumpsters and work with professional aerosol artists. These aerosol art projects were devised and developed by Phatgnat which links the Waste and Recycling company Viridor, with the local youth service and a group of young people.

Learn more about this program here

Creating An Amazing Customer Experience

Amazon knows how to do it! Just look at the email below.

Dear Customer,

We are writing to you regarding your order for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6)”.

At, we are always looking for ways to bring value to our customers. We are, therefore, delighted to confirm that we have reduced the price of Harry Potter 6 to just 8.99 (47% off) and that all our customers, muggles and wizards alike, will benefit from this reduction.

Rest assured that the new lower price will be charged automatically when we dispatch your book, and the new price will be magically changed in Your Account. You will see the change in Your Account at the following address:

These changes may not be reflected immediately.

Please note that the book will not fit through a standard letter box, so keep an eye out for our delivery owls.

Thank you for shopping at, and stay alert for You-Know-Who.

Warmest regards,

Customer Service

This was sent to a friend of mine who had an advance order on a new Harry Potter book. Not only did they offer her a cheaper price then she originally agreed to pay, but the communication with her was fun and oh so clever. It’s too bad they used “dear customer” instead of her name.

Google's PayPal Competitor

There’s been alot of rumors lately about a Google wallet of some type designed to compete with PayPal. Those are no longer rumors. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has confirmed work on an internet payment service. Details are still unclear but it seems the service is not going to offer person-to-person payments, which means it won’t compete directly with PayPal.

The Press Release Is Dead

Sally Saville Hodge with MarketingProfs says the press release is outdated an mostly ineffective. Instead, she suggests:

A short, personalized email???three paragraphs at most???to the targeted journalists with a to-the-point lead-in should not only outline the storyline but also emphasize its relevance to the outlet’s audiences. This personal approach is going to have a far greater chance of grabbing the reporter’s attention than a news release that’s written for the masses.

The Humans Will Rise to Kill the Machines

Steve Rubel comments on “press releases being dead” and says something wonderful in the process:

People want the facts but they also want to hear the news in a human voice, not from an automaton – “we are pleased” quotes won’t cut it anymore, sorry. And the phrase “today announced” will one day fall by the wayside.

Street Reporters

Matt Thompson thinks that “citizen journalists” should be renamed “street reporters.

I like it and I’m going to try and use it from now on.

Online retailers missing crucial youth spend opportunities online?

In a recent report, e-commerce company Ukash says that online retailers are missing crucial youth spend opportunities. It states that most retailers will not accept cash payment over the net and this is the reason why they could be losing out on ???2.5billion worth of potential sales.

If you count youth as one of your customers, the findings of this report are worth considering.