Well done, highly detailed product website. The Bookblock site is a fine example of imagery and illustrative elements together to meld very nicely. I love the details and simple animations. It draws you in and makes you want to find out more about the product. Bravo.

Bookblock are a design led manufacturer of Stationery and Leather. As well as offering an extensive range of customisable stock products Bookblock offer brands, organisations and individuals around the world the capability of designing and building custom-made products, including notebooks and leather folios, through an online 3D builder.

Tyron Hayman

I love minimal design when it’s done right. The hard part with it, is just that, to get it right. Tyron Hayman does here and in a beautifully elegant way. Love this.

I designed and developed this website to shocase my portfolio. The design focuses on clean use of space, minimalism and flat design style.

Submitted by: Tyron Hayman
Twitter: @tyronhayman
Role: Designer
Country: Canada

Discovery Place Science

Man, I love this website. Solid work top to bottom here. It’s not often you see something so well put together that isn’t the actual agency’s site itself. Spend some time here folks, pick it apart to learn.

For curious thinkers of all ages, Discovery Place helps you see science everywhere and understand its power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Submitted by: Matt Taylor
Twitter: @uniondotco
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: USA

Neutron Creative

I like showing off the code snippets as you would normally show off visual work. Pretty nifty idea. I also like the off center vibe of the sections. Solid layout.

I wanted to build a site that really showcased all of the new aspects of our rebranding, including our dynamic brand color (we don’t have one company color). I figured at the very least, it’s certainly different ?

Submitted by: Jimmy Bisenius
Twitter: @neutroncreative
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: United States

Type and Pixel

Pretty rad rhythm to this layout. I love the vertical spacing and imagery used to kick off points of interest as you make your way down the page. Good looking work here.

We design brands and digital experiences that engage audiences and deliver return on investment for our clients. Some of our services include brand strategy, brand identity, brand design, ux design, ui design, web and app development, copywriting, video, content and illustration.

Submitted by: Ariel Beninca
Role: Designer at the agency but did not design it
Country: Asurtalia


Via Zurb:

We’ve rebuilt I know, I know… we’re living in the year 2017, and it’s customary for companies to redesign their website every few years. That’s about exciting as letting you know we paid our electric bill this month.

But this is different.

We’ve made a breakthrough towards fulfilling our mission of changing the way people design connected products and services and discovered the key to our success: Design Insights.

Here’s a things you’ll notice in the

design insight
Design Insights are breakthroughs that that reveal behavior patterns and drive bold decisions, and you’ll find them all across our new site. You’ll see them in our articles, blog posts, and process, and you’ll learn how surfacing them led to incredible results.

Lastly, the entire site is interactive. Spread across the entire site are 42 cows you can discover and collect. Why cows? I’ll save that one for a future email!. Until then, enjoy exploring the new!


Pretty slick visual design. I love the light vibe to the colors/contrast and typography work. I have to say the interstitials kind of get annoying after a while, but I get why they’re there. All in all this is a beautifully designed website.

Lovely and simplified single page resume/portfolio website. I love the background color and the black/white palette. Nice grid work and layout too.

Clement SIMON

Very cool, beautiful and simple approach to Clement SIMON’s portfolio. I love the way you scroll this and the imagery is timed visually just right. Beautiful little visual details too.

From the Designer:

Hi, I’m Clement SIMON, a 23 year old graphic designer and illustrator from Nantes, France.

Submitted by: clement simon
Twitter: @ClementGraphic
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: France


Love the new(ish) Viget site design. The simple grid and the beautiful typography and photography really bring the focus to the content. These guys are top-notch in the industry, go check the website out in detail and learn what you can.