A Few Self Motivating Tips for Web Designers

Every web designer faces a situation in his life when it feels as if all his creativity has become stagnant and no new ideas or designs will click. This loss of inspiration happens when you are not surrounded by a learning and inspirational community. When your workflow decreases, you need to bring some changes in your life to rekindle the flame of creativity. To counteract the situation, you need to go further, study new things, and implement new work routines. Here are a few tips that will improve your work culture and bring back the creative spark.

Read Tutorials Regularly

Tutorials are the best mediums to learn new things. Tutorials increase your knowledge and keep you motivated. A good web designer should have enough knowledge in every area of web design and there are several online sources available from where you can get high quality tutorials for free.

Get Inspired From Famous Designs

Every designer has his own favorite website design and you should try to remake your favorite design layouts, icons, effects, etc. Recreating something is a good way to learn new things as you crave to reach that level and give your best effort. If you can not recreate the desired effect or design, then ask for help to the online designer community. There is also plethora of great Photoshop to HTML tutorials available online which can help you to discover how these effects and functionalities are designed.

Refresh Your Workspace

Sometimes redecorating the workspace can bring in a lot of positive energy. The monotonous environment can affect your creative spirit and small changes like different position of your monitor, or sticking a poster on your wall can lighten up the whole environment.

Read Books And Magazines

There are hundreds of great books on web designing available in the market. Some designers may think that book reading is outdated and nerdy, but books and magazines are actually quite helpful to learn new design trends and techniques. The tutorials and articles will increase your knowledge and you will be aware of the latest developments in designing happening around the world. Reading interview is a good habit because you learn new things from the best in the industry.

Be Socially Active

Social networks are there for a purpose. It’s not just for chatting and photo sharing but for joining communities that can help you learn something. There are many good designer communities that can keep your knowledge updated. Besides online communication build offline relationships. Try to attend conferences, events, workshops regularly to meet new designers and learn their new ideas. In those seminars you might also meet the potential clients.

Put Your Thoughts On Paper

To organize your work and to give your creative ideas proper shape try to write down the main points and a basic design before starting web design. It can improve the work style and make your approach more professional.

Read Blogs

There are some very resourceful blogs for website designers where you can learn new tricks of web design. Various authors contribute in such sites and they write on a variety of topics. It’s an ideal way to stay updated. If you have any questions regarding designs then you can post them in those blogs and get the answer from a veteran.

Use A Planner

To keep your work and life organized, use any software you like but make sure that you have a proper plan of works to do before you start the week. It helps you to set a goal and reach it comfortably.

Experiment With New Software

Web design is a very dynamic arena of work. Learn about new designing software. Every web designer must remain updated, motivated and eager to learn so that his creative designs never stop flowing in the virtual world.

Editor’s Note: The above article is a guest post by Carol Brown with WebGuru India, a pioneer in the field of website design since 2005. Carol has written and published numerous articles on web design, graphic design, web development, SEO and internet marketing.


PostBidWin.com, an online marketplace that enables advertisers and design-seekers to fulfill design projects, is now offering its project posting services for free.

From their press release on xtvworld.com:
Anyone seeking creative services can define their project requirements using PostBidWin???s unique project posting software and receive quotes from a team of unparalleled design professionals. The services??? dedication to solving business problems is creating a buzz in the industry and helping people to save both time and money on visual advertisement projects.

Kick ass forum...

Came across a helpful little forum. Good place to check out contests for graphic designers, etc. Here is an example of a popular thread:
What use is a graphic designer?
Imagine if you were on a plane, it crashed on an island (yawn, i know… stick with me here for just little while) and your professional trade was useless.

KobOne T-shirt Contest

To celebrate its 6000 member, the KobOne site organizes its second T-shirt Contest, of November 15 2005 to January 15,2006. The topic is: “free creation”. Imagine a logo, a style or a fresco for t-shirt. No limitation of field or subject. Any type of subject can be treated or diverted (company, world, sport, voyage, mode, topicality…). 1000 Euros up for grabs folks.

Check out some of the current entries…

Creating Patterns and Color Schemes in Adobe Illustrator

“Using reference clippings from architectural and decorating magazines, Lisa Henderling was inspired to create patterns and a color scheme for the fabric furnishings and decorative items of her illustration. After drawing most of the elements on separate layers with the Pen tool… ”

Read the full article… via [Graphics.com]


Check out the skeletal origins of some of your favorite cartoons characters. Michael Paulus took some time select few of these popular characters and render their skeletal systems as he imagined they might resemble if one truly had eye sockets half the size of its head, or fingerless-hands, or feet comprising 60% of its body mass.

via [Draw.ca]

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Dr. Sketchy

I worked as an artist’s model for several years during art school. There was nothing I hated more than the pretense of sterility they had in art classes. Because the people who run them are uncomfortable with nudity, we get personality-free models, sterile grey rooms, no talking, and (Picasso help us) no fun.

So, me and mod inspired illustrator A.V. Phibes are doing something about it.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School is our take on the traditional sketch class. Set in the swanky Lucky Cat Lounge we’ve got burlesque dancers modeling, ridiculous art contests, and all the sort of boozy fun you go to art school for.

You can find out more over here.

The first class in Saturday, December 10, 2-5 pm, with the glorious Dottie Lux doing some clown-burlesque inspired modeling

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta

Download the freely available Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, and add the following capabilities to your browser (from the site):

:: Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of a Web page.
:: Locate and select specific elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.
:: Selectively disable Internet Explorer settings.
:: View HTML object class names, ID’s, and details such as link paths, tab index values, and access keys.
:: Outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags.
:: Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS Web feed links.
:: Display image dimensions, file sizes, path information, and alternate (ALT) text.Read more

XO Create! Wins National American Graphic Design Awards

For their second consecutive year XO Create! wins the national American Graphic Design Awards. The team is proud to be honored in the 2005 awards for their entry in the self-promotions category. The unique entry was conceptualized as a ???gift of time??? and appropriately titled ???Take 5???.
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Judge Chip Kidd by His Covers

Does this guy look like a rock star? Well in the world of high-end graphic design he is considered just that.

“Regarded as the world’s foremost book jacket designer, Chip Kidd’s work covers a wide array of authors: Michael Crichton, Allan Gurganus, Anne Rice, and John Updike, to name only a few. The recent books of Texas authors Cormac McCarthy and Larry McMurtry all have Kidd covers. In his 14 years at Alfred A. Knopf, the venerable New York publishing house, Kidd has created more than 1,500 book jacket designs.”

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