Aerosol Art Project

Thanks to UK-based workshops called Graffology, young people are getting an opportunity to demonstrate their art skills on dumpsters and work with professional aerosol artists. These aerosol art projects were devised and developed by Phatgnat which links the Waste and Recycling company Viridor, with the local youth service and a group of young people.

Learn more about this program here

Lazy Link Tuesday

Bring on the lazy linkage!

A Collection of Rube Goldberg Illustrations. How to clean the windows without the most of effort and time.
Rube Goldberg Gallery

Zak Smith, for reasons no one can quite understand, illustrated every page of “Gravity’s Rainbow.” Sure, they look a bit mental-patientish, but what did you expect?
Every Page of Gravity’s Rainbow, illustrated

Ever wonder why so many comics on the funny pages look the same? They’re all drawn by the same family

Not so Simple.

SimplicissimusBrush up on your illustration history! Samples from the infamous and influental German magazine “Simplicissimus” ( 1896-120) are now online. The witty ink work and cartoons influenced Beardsley through Hirchfeild. Plus, it’s really funny …in a pitch-black kind of way.

Simplicissimus in German and English


A wicked contrast to the white-wall boredom of most galleries, the Dabora styles itself a Victorian Salon. The candlelight and red velvet almost make a trip to Greenpoint worth it. They are currently featuring a show of creepy sad girls in lonely woods. What else do you expect from a place that throws Giger shows?
Dabora gallery, NYC

All that jazz.

Chicago has a surprising amount of excellent public illustration. Many top illustrators and designers have come out of chicago recently and left thier sticky marks all over the city. From retro signage to these fun and bright subway decorations. If anyone knows the name of the illustrator who did these funky people, please email me at [email protected]

Now if they only the city could get a few decent bistros.

Logo Trends

PSFK points to a feature at Graphic Design USA that looks at trends in logo design. Among the 15 trends are stars, leaves, flames, and CMYK color. The trends were observed as part of Third Annual Visual Trends Report.

The feature also reminds us to visit where “you can review trends from the past several years; in real-time, post logo design work; study the work of others; search the database by designer???s name, client type and other attributes; learn from articles and news written expressly for and about logo designers; and much more.”


kozyNdanCoolHunting did a post today on Kozyndan, the LA-based illustration couple.

The writer of the post, Carol Chung, called their work “witty and serene” and pointed to an illustration they did for Giant Robot Magazine where they “took Hokusai print, The Great Wave, and changed the surf into bunnies.”

You can see Kozy and Dan’s work at

Our Own Show

You may think the Society of Illustrators is all about wine and women, but there are other benefits to being a member. Like the opportunity to pad your gallery resume.

Every year the Society of Illustrators throws “Our Own Show”, an exhibit of art by the members. That means you, champ, if you fork over the membership fee. The artist voted best of show gets a cash prize, while everyone else can write that they hung in the Museum of American Illustration.

Society of Illustrators


The New York art scene may turn it’s nose up at illustrators, but not so on the West Coast. Birthed by tattoo artists, rock poster illustrators, and animators on their off hours, Lowbrow Art is busting with girls, guns, and flourescent coloured goodness.

Check out Juxtapoz, the magazine of the Lowbrow art movement, for the latest on galleries that won’t throw out your slide packets.

I'm not dead

Although it does feel like it. While I am on vacation I lined up a bunch of guest editors to keep you occupied. But since they all seem too busy huffing marker fumes to post, I’ll try to pop something in everyday.