ten24 Media is an internet marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising (pay-per-click). We are friendly, straight-talking professionals who will put your products and services in front of interested customers, increase traffic to your web site, and turn browsers into buyers.

Search Engine Optimization

Looking to improve your search engine rankings? We can help. For more than 8 years, ten24 Media has been helping small to medium sized businesses improve their Website rankings in search engines and maximize their Website’s potential.

We typically begin by conducting a complete analysis of your Website to identify content, design, and structural issues that hinder optimal organic search engine indexing and ranking. Based on our findings, we develop a strategic report that highlights areas that need improvement and recommended courses of action. However, as you might imagine, every SEO campaign is unique and requires a tailored approach to meet each client’s objectives. Contact us today to learn more and receive your free estimate.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

Effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are the result of comprehensive research, measured and structured setup, and diligent follow-up and monitoring. ten24 Media can professionally research, design and deploy your PPC campaigns for maximum exposure and maximum return.

If you’re too busy to monitor your campaigns and want to concentrate on running your business, consider our monthly PPC management service. This service is fully managed by experienced and dedicated staff that will ensure your campaigns are targeted, affordable, and accountable. We continuously track campaign performance for click-through and conversion rate, and adjust each keyword group for the best performance.


We have seen a 100 percent increase in leads and requests for information from the Internet, resulting in new business and increasing our profitability.
Dale Eby, AM/PM Service

Thank you so much for your help. I cannot express how frustrated I get and then someone like you comes along and explains things. People like you make life much better for others in many ways that you can’t imagine.
Jennifer Leady, Leady Farms

Sales are up, but more importantly – the quality of the sales are up. ten24 has brought qualified visitors to our site and the result is more revenue. The staff at ten24 is professional, diligent and they are a pleasure to deal with. We will continue to use them for upcoming projects.
Jonathan Ritter, Alentus Corp.

This is pretty awesome guys. From my calculations that’s a 500% drop in cost per lead, and a 555% increase in actual leads over what our big name search marketing agency was able to do. Wow, that’s unbelievable. Really great work.
Darrell Houle, Communicopia